Our Patron – Trevor Beattie

Trevor Beattie

Trevor Beattie is a British advertising executive. He is a founding partner, chairman and creative director of Beattie McGuinness Bungay (BMB), and was formerly the chairman and creative director of TBWA London.

Considered one of the leading figures in advertising in Britain, he has been responsible for a number of high-profile and sometimes controversial advertising campaigns, most notably the “fcuk” campaign for French Connection and the 1994 Wonderbra.

In November 2011, Trevor launched The Jack and Ada Beattie Foundation in honour of his parents. It supports victims of social injustice by providing grants to both organisations and individuals under the themes of ‘Dignity’, ‘Freedom’ and ‘Sanctuary’.

Trevor and Laura became friends when she was studying at London Studio Centre and they shared an interest in performance work and theatre. Trevor has recently moved in to film production alongside his work in advertising, producing the Bafta winning movie Moon, directed by Duncan Jones in 2008. He is also devising the marketing campaign for Richard Branson’s Virgin Galactic Space Tourism Programme.

He has also been involved in the making of Mr Right, Attacking the Devil, Dating Eliza, Lock, Stock and Two smoking barrels, and launched Nureyev – an orgy of one, a documentary about the legendary dancer.

“ Kids are naturally theatrical. Born performers. Rag And Bone give them the chance to do just that, but with a magical twist. Here, kids perform their OWN plays, speak their own self-scripted words. This is the future of theatre. It’s fresh, creative and inspirational. For performer and audience alike. And I’m proud to help support it. This is just the start. Rag And Bone is a beautiful idea with a beautiful future.”

He shares our belief in the power of creativity to change lives and we’re massively grateful for his endorsement and continuous support.